Great FallsElementary School

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Faculty and Staff

Office Staff
Principal - Rebecca Fortier - blog - twitter
Assistant Principal - Deanna Etienne
Administrative Assistant - Rhonda Perkins
School Secretary - Julie Murray
Counselor - Ellen Berry - webpage
Social Worker - Jaime Tardif
School Resource Officer - Todd Gagnon

Richard Dowe - Librarian - web page
Winston Barton - Librarian
Lori Littlefield - Librarian
Jessie Mason - Media Ed Tech
Jen Marro-  Music
Frank DeFrancesco - Physical Education - web page
Gary Speed - Physical Education

Stacey Sawyer - Teaching Counselor - blog - web page
Diane Knott - Gifted and Talented Coordinator - website
Christine Karcanes - Gifted and Talented EdTech- blog

Cecely Conrad - English for Speakers of Other Languages
Erica Woods - English for Speaker of Other Languages

Joanne Gauley - Technology Integrator
Special Education Staff
Katie Miller- Speech Therapist
Susan Hodgson - Self-Contained Program
Rose Dyer - Self-Contained Program
Kaitlin Richwalder - Self-Contained Program
Emily Pineault - Self-Contained Program
Jessica Beaulieu - Resource Program - web page
Kim Walker - Resource Program

Tasha Passmore - Physical Therapist
TBA - Occupational Therapist
Krissy Pontbriand - Occupational Therapist

Laurie Sibley - Instructional Strategist 
Kim Fadrigon - Literacy K-5 Coordinator
Nichole Mucci Math/Literacy Lead Teacher - web page
Liz Henry Math/Literacy Lead Teacher

Educational Technicians
Linda Barber - Spec Ed EdTech
JoLyn Bishop - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Brianna Carroll - Spec. Ed. EdTech
David Ciampa - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Nancy Connolly - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Hayley Fortier - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Jessica LeConte - Spec Ed EdTech
Kristi McLean - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Karen Meserve - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Kristine Pennell - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Stacy Sallinen - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Marissa Young - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Sue Smith - Alt. Ed EdTech
Joan Anderson - Math/Literacy
James McQuinn - Math/Literacy
Anna Rudolph - Math/Literacy
Kim Todd - Math/Literacy

Cafeteria Staff
Nancy Aceto - Kitchen Manager
Kirsten Erickson - Kitchen Staff
Rebecca Phinney - Kitchen Staff